How to Rename Multiple Files on Linux

Postat de: Cristian Gherman

We'll show you, how to rename multiple files on Linux . Every operating system in the modern world comes with several ways to interact with its file system. Whether it's creating files, renaming them, copying them, or deleting them, they all come with functionality to efficiently carry out all of these tasks. However, one operation that most operating systems fall short with is renaming several files at the same time. Whether you need a pattern that the files need to follow, or if you just want to rename many files at one time, renaming files can be quite tedious. Luckily, renaming software can help us solve this issue. In this tutorial, we will go through several options for batch renaming of files on Debian-based systems, as well as RHEL-based (RedHat Enterprise Linux) systems. Debian-based Operating Systems Debian and similar distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint have a built in command line tool for batch renaming files. 'rename', offered on some Debian-based OSes, is one of

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